Metal Connections and Fasteners

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Custom Connections

Custom architecture often requires custom fabrication work, particularly for metal connections for intersecting timbers, Glulam, and other architectural elements.

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GRK Fasteners

GRK's patented LTF fasteners are a superior quality lag screw replacement that saves builders time and money. GRK's best-selling, general purpose R4 fastener line is available in 59 different sizes. GRK also carries unique specialty fasteners for panels, decks, windows, doors and roofing. For more information, please visit GRKfasteners

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Sherpa Connectors

A simple system for virtually limitless usability. Usage in timber constructions, commercial construction, residential and non-residential construction, regardless of what you are designing – using the SHERPA-connector system will lead to a high level of pre-fabrication and reduced assembly times. The wide variety of available connectors is tailor-made for the task at hand and ensures a durable, long lasting and reliable load transfer. For more information please visit Sherpa

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Timberlinx is an internal metal connection tube which is inserted equally in both members of a timber. The joint is linked by two expanding cross pins, thereby eliminating the need for a cross plate. These connectors can be used in many timberframe, log-building, or post-and-beam applications. For more information, please visit Timberlinx