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Project Details

The renovation of an existing 1908 building, originally designed by Danish architect Rudolf Clausen, which served as a gateway to the Aarhus Hospital campus. The renovation was designed by Frank Gehry of Gehry Partners, LLP and is expected to endure for over 200 years.

Our involvement included:

  • In-depth consultation, scoping, sourcing and transportation services;
  • Supply of all timber for the project, with the largest dimension of heat treated kiln-dried timber to be exported from Canada in the last 20 years;
  • 18-by-18-inch, boxed-heart timber first heat-treated until it is tested dry to the core to meet Canadian Food Inspection Agency requirements, packed and shipped to Hamburg, Germany, for processing; and
  • Arrangement and coordination of logistics for all aspects of sourcing, acquiring and processing the timber, and delivering it to the building site.