Architectural Log and Turned Columns

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Architectural Log and Turned Columns

Nothing reflects the natural landscape as well as a natural timber. Maintaining the natural shape and size of a tree within the architecture can mirror the landscape that surrounds a property, or introduce a natural influence in a contemporary space.

We deliver a range of logs and turned columns, finished to our clients’ specifications.

Architectural Lathe Turned Columns

The smooth, sanded finish of a lathe-turned column is an increasingly common feature in today's green building designs.

We specialize in Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar, but we can deliver other coastal soft woods, and other species, including hard woods.


Logs are inspected and selected with care, and then hand-peeled using a draw knife. By avoiding mechanical methods of removing bark, we are able to retain the natural beauty of the wood.


Beginning from an intact, fully bark-covered log, pressure-washing can produce the most natural-looking structural timbers. By leaving the natural shape of the tree intact, knots and natural bends in the wood are left to show in the finished product.