Architectural Timbers

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Beere Timber Company began as a supplier of high-grade, custom-cut kiln-dried timber to developers and builders of custom homes and commercial properties.

Today, our specialty remains the sourcing, preparation, and delivery of large timbers—those anchor pieces that truly contribute to custom properties’ celebration of the natural landscape.

We specialize in coastal Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar; however, we also deliver Sitka Spruce, Yellow Cedar, and Hemlock. Most architectural timbers are ordered in custom sizes, and we cut on ¼” increments. Please call us to learn how we can meet your specific needs.

Kiln-Dried Timbers

Over time, the largest timbers will always crack or check as they dry. This is caused by the drying process occurring more rapidly toward the outer edges of the timber than in the middle.

Drying timbers in a Radio Frequency / Vacuum kiln eliminates this problem by drying the wood at a uniform rate throughout the timber.


To ensure that you receive the best possible product, we cut our timber oversize (to allow for shrinkage and movement in the kiln), then resaw to straighten before running through our planer.

Other textures include band sawn and circular sawn; just call us to learn more about how we can meet your specific needs.

RF-V Kilns

Our timbers are dried in one of two radio-frequency vacuum' kilns. Each includes a 40' track large enough to support a 4' x 4' timber, for a total of about 35 - 40 m3 in a single load.

Timbers are placed on to specially designed carts which are loaded into the kiln. Air is evacuated from the kiln to produce a near-perfect vacuum, and radio-frequency waves are applied for up to four days.

The radio waves agitate the H2O molecules within the timber, and the vacuum draws them primarily out of the ends of the timber, thus drying the entire diameter to a uniform moisture content of about 13% ideal for preventing checking and cracking, and preserving the wood's natural beauty.